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Hydraulic Rollers Crusher

Hydraulic Rollers Crusher


Hydraulic roller crusher is used for crushing materials with middle and high hardness, such as metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials and other industrial lines The series hydraulic roller crusher is mainly composed of the parts of roller, the roller support bearings, pressing and adjusting device, and driving device etc..The adjustment of output size: there is adjusting device of wedge shaped or gasket between the two rollers, it has the adjusting bolt on the top of the wedge shaped device, when the adjusting bolt make the wedge be pulled up, the mobile roller wheel be forced to be away from the fixed wheel by wedge.

Applications: Hydraulic roller crusher is suitable for crushing medium and high hardness materials in industrial sectors such as metallurgy, building materials and refractory materials.

Learn More About Hydraulic Rollers Crusher

1. It used for crushing of special solid materials, which can be designed according to the material hardness, namely, testing the pressure resistance as per the materials provided by customers, and then designing roller crusher’s parameters.
2. Mobile Roller, fixed roller and power adopt the hard connection, i.e. coupling device, mobile roller is used the technology of universal joint, which completely avoids the greatest flaw about belt slippage of the outdated type belt (block material).
3. Roller surface is completely adopted cone welding technology of the large hydraulic roller crusher; it can produce more than 80,000 tons after repairing welding once, with the cost about 1000 RMB. The maintenance of whole machine in one year does not exceed 2000 RMB.
4. Feeder adopts the structure of unpowered choosing powder, before the material into the roller crusher, first passing through the device of unpowered choose powder, and less than 3-8 mm of material will be separated and it cannot be into the roller crusher, but the coarse material only be into the vibrating feeder, and evenly and unfolded going into the roller crusher, which can greatly improve the crushing efficiency.
5. Power consumption is one half of hammer crusher
6. When the material is too hard to be crushed, the roller will be back down automatically under the action of the spring, it make the rollers’ gap increase, the hard material or the material cannot be crushed will be fell down, so as to protect the machine from being damaged. Adjust the rollers’ gap can control the output size or granularity and then change the capacity per hour.

Working Principle

Hydraulic roller crusher is used of the surface friction making the rollers bite the materials into the broken zone, to make the material be squeezing or splitting. When it is used in coarse crushing or when it needs to increase crushing ratio, which often make teeth or grooves on the surface of the roller to improve fracturing effect.

Specifications - Technical Data

Model Roller dia. (mm) Roller width (mm) Feed size (mm) Discharge size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Feed opening size(mm) Motor power (kw) Overall dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
800 600 <30 0.5-10 15-45 600*500 18.5*2 3490*2884*1035 8600
GP118-90Y 1100 800 <50 0.5-10 45-100 800*700 45*2 4398*3354*1200 17600
GP1410-180Y  1400 1000 <60 0.5-10 100-200 1000*900 90*2 5800*3850*2100 36000
2PG400 400 252 <30 3-8 3-5 100×200 5.5×2 1850×1100×800 1300
2PG600 600 400 <40 3-8 5-20 370×400 11×2 2555×2490×1050 4300
2PG800 800 600 <60 3-10 15-40 600×500 22×2 3490×2884×1035 8500
2PG1000 1000 700 <80 3-12 20-50 700×600 30×2 4398×3354×1190 12000
2PG1200 1200 750 <90 3-14 30-80 800×600 45×2 4547×3653×1478 17000
2PG1500 1500 800 <100 3-15 40-100 800×800 75×2 4832×4037×1765 27000
2PG1800 1800 800 <130 3-18 60-130 800×800 90×2 5645×3850×2092 30000

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